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23 Free or Cheap Date Ideas

23 Free or Cheap Date Ideas

Hey Everyone! Megan Here!

So lately, Bartley and I have been trying to get on a stricter budget and save money. Finding things to do on date night can get expensive! Definitely not something we can budget for every weekend. So here is a list of 23 Free or Cheap Date Ideas we have been doing or are planning to do!

23 Free or Cheap Date Ideas

23 Free or Cheap Date Ideas

  1. Make a unique meal together that typically is not in your meal plans.Look for recipes on Pinterest, try out that recipe on Facebook you shared, or watch a cooking show and find something to make! But most importantly make it together!
  2. Plan a movie marathon! Snacks are a must!
  3. Do a puzzle together! This is actually one of our favorites!
  4. Dust off an old board game you haven’t played in a while.
  5. Restore a piece of furniture. We restored a coffee table, and can’t wait to start our next project.
  6. Have a picnic! This can be indoor or outdoor.
  7. Visit a farmer’s market and pick up stuff for a meal.
  8. Go for a hike.
  9. Bake and decorate a cake together.
  10. Visit estate sales, maybe pick up a piece of furniture to restore.
  11. Have a pizza night and make your own pizzas.
  12. Make an ultimate sundae and enjoy while binge watching a TV show.
  13. Visit a local museum.
  14. Volunteer together.
  15. Fly a kite.
  16. Visit a fruit orchard or farm.
  17. Have a romantic dinner at home.
  18. Go see a high school or college play.
  19. Grill food together.
  20. Look through photo albums.
  21. Plant a garden.
  22. Take some time to look at the stars.
  23. Learn or try out hobbies that your spouse likes. I found something new that I now enjoy when I started playing video games with my husband.


I hope you can use some of these ideas when you are planning your next date night!


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Cover Letter Tips

Hey Guys! So, you’ve all read Megan’s post, 10 pieces of advice for getting a job. Well, today I am here to help you with your cover letter. Now something important to remember is that every profession is different. This is just a guide line/starting point for you.

Cover Letter Tips


Start of with the date. Follow this with who you are writing and their business address.




[To whom it may concern]  ALWAYS research for the name of who will be reading you letter

[Business Name]

[Street Address]

[City, State and Zip Code]


Start off your letter strong by having the name of your contact. DO NOT HAVE “TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN” By having their name it shows interest in the company, oppose to this is something that was just sent out to everyone looking to fill this type of position.

For the Body,

For your first paragraph start with how you found out about the job. Follow this with why you are interested in the position with this company. This will be a shorter paragraph.

To start off your second paragraph talk about what this job can do for you. Then go into your experience, certificates, awards, etc… This can be two paragraphs long.

For the final paragraph state when you are available for an interview and your contact information. End with restating your interest in the position and that you look forward to hearing from them in the future.


You should sign off with something that fits you. I, personally, use Cordially. Several others I know use, Best Regards. There are several ways to sign off. Find one that fits you. Leave a space for your actual signature and then type your name underneath. I typically leave about 3 lines for my signature. I have scanned my signature into the computer so that I don’t have to print and sign every letter. No matter how you do it, YOU NEED YOUR SIGNATURE ON THE LETTER!

General Formatting,

Your letter should be single spaced, and either left aligned or boxed aligned. You should always send it as a pdf.

Now this is for a full letter. There are some cases where you should condense your cover letter and simply make it an email with your resume attached. This is where you need to research the position you are applying for and your field that you are looking for work in.

What do you put in your cover letters?

Let us know below!!


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10 Pieces of Advice for Getting a Job

10 Pieces of Advice for getting the job

Hey Everyone! Megan Here!

Today was the last day of a once a week career seminar that I have been attending for 16 weeks. I gained so much knowledge and was given invaluable pieces of advice. In this post I would like to share some of the advice I was given and some things I have learned over the years. These are 10 Pieces of Advice for Getting a Job.

10 Pieces of Advice for getting a job

10 Pieces of Advice for Getting a Job

  1. Keep your resume up to date at all times. You never know when you might need it. Adding new things continually helps to ensure your resume is as accurate as possible. It is much easier to add details and dates when they are fresh on the brain rather than having to think back several years.
  2. Take the time to write a cover letter. In my opinion, cover letters can show interest and motivation. This is where you can explain why you are a great candidate for the position.
  3. In addition, pay attention to the job posting. You can use the job posting to help guide you in writing your cover letter. By looking at their requirements, you can decide what experience and education to highlight to show that you are a good candidate.
  4. Dress appropriately when going to interviews. The hiring manager needs to know that you are a professional.
  5. Similarly, be on time. Actually, you should try to arrive a little early. Also, keep in mind possible traffic, trying to find parking, and any other unexpected things that could happen.
  6. Research the company you are interviewing with. You should be familiar with the mission and values of the company.
  7. Prepare and research some questions to ask if given the opportunity. Typically, most interviews end with the hiring manager or team asking if you have any questions for them. By having a few questions prepared, this shows that you are interested in the position and company. Depending on what you ask, you might impress them.
  8. After the interview, send a thank you note. Not only are you showing that you appreciate their time and consideration, but you reiterate your interest in the job.
  9. Especially important, be careful what you put on social media. For instance, a potential employer could see something inappropriate that you posted and not give you a chance.
  10. Networking is important. For instance, through networking you can learn about career opportunities or find mentors.

I hope in this list you found some advice you didn’t know or maybe a reminder of something you already did! If you have advice to share, we would love to hear it, so please leave us a comment!


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Car Necessities and why you need them!


Car Necessities and Why you need them!

Hey Guys, so I’ve been on the road a lot lately. Driving to and from jobs. My drives range from 30 minutes to 3+ hours right now and I’m making a big trip to Utah for the summer soon. These are my car necessities, what gives me peace of mind, and the things for the It’ll never happen things. I’ve also learned what works for me to keep my car clean.

Must Have Car Necessities

Car Necessities and why you need them!

Most cars now come with these but in case you bought yours used you might want to check that you have everything to change your tire should a flat occur. You’ll need

  • a tire iron
  • jack (not pictured)
  • your spare tire (a full size or a donut) (also not pictured)
    • I’m partial to a full size because then I can just keep going I don’t have to immediately panic and find the closest mechanic.

Also pictures here is the eye bolt that you would attach to your car in the appropriate place (mines on the front of the car) to attach your recovery strap (not pictured) to, should you end up needing pulled out of a ditch or some equivalent.

Car Necessities and why you need them!

My car is really great in that it has just the right amount of storage for: tools, jumper cables, and a tiny air compressor as seen here. These three things are absolutes for me.

Jumper cables are great to have. All you need is another car to give you a jump. You don’t have to worry about if they have cables and you can get them for a good price.

The air compressor is really small and takes in air to then pump up the tire. These can also be found for a a reasonable price. They are great as a female because I don’t have to stay on the side of the road, Especially at night. I just have to air up my flat tire; then I can drive to a well lite, well populated area to change my tire. I’m not stuck in the dark on the side of the road alone, can we say SCARY!

Car Necessities and why you need them!

This is the grey tool kit. Really just a basic tool kit from a tool section is great. I mostly just use the ratchet and adjustable wrench, but I have found many of the other tools helpful at random times. such as the mirror on the far bottom left, Very helpful when you drop you replacement bulb into your car…..*sigh*

The Nice to have things

Car Necessities and why you need them!

On top I have

  • general supplies in the sonic drink carrier (see below)
  • a blanket should I get stranded
  • a sunshield (That I should use more often to protect my dash from the harmful sun)
  • a battery powered jump starter that I can then recharge in the car.

The jump starter is so important to me because as a female it honestly scares me to be on the side of the road alone. This way I don’t have to wait for help and run less risk of the dangers that come from having a stranger help me. Once I get my car started I can plug it in and get it recharged while I’m driving plus this one has USB ports so that I can charge my phone should I not be able to use my car battery to do so. With that being said I still keep the jumper cables because this is just a battery and battery’s fail. Better safe than sorry. I prefer using this but I like the peace of mind that comes from having the jumper cables should it not work.

The blanket is a must for the chance that you honestly get stranded. It’ll help you keep warm without using you gas and I’ve also used it to lay on the ground while working on my car in a parking lot to keep me cleaner and away from the grossness.

I also keep bottled water in my car on a per trip base. Depending on how long the drive is will depend on how much I bring with me, but it’s not good to leave bottled water in the car so I don’t store it in my car. For long road trips I also keep one to two gallons of water in my car for the radiator, just in case. Again peace of mind.

Keep it Clean

Car Necessities and why you need them!

These are all the things that I keep in the sonic cup holder.

  • cleaning wipes for the car and the windows
  • along with anti bacterial wipes
  • hand sanitizer
  • fabric freshener
  • a roll of shop towels
  • In the cup I keep
    • pens
    • scissors
    • all the tiny things I find myself needing.

Then it all fits nicely and stay organized in the sonic cup holder.

Keep it clean Routine

Instead of keeping a trash sack in the car I clean out the trash EVERY time I stop for gas. For me this keeps me much cleaner. Instead of saying I can just throw the sack away later I throw all the trash out then and it doesn’t pile up nearly as much. Might just be a me thing. I also wash my windshield every time the gas station has the supplies and there is soap and water in the little bin thing.

Now I’m lucky that the divider in my cup holder comes out and it’s a nice solid rectangle that is super easy to clean. My friend isn’t so lucky. She found that using silicone cupcake liners works great for her and keeps her cup holders fairly clean. Plus they are easy to just rinse off and go. Now I don’t wash my car as often as I should, but I always get out and use the complementary vacuums after I use a drive through car wash.

One of the biggest helps can be your phone should you get stranded. Make sure you have a charging cable that you keep in your car so you can keep your phone charged. Also never leave your stranded vehicle unless you have no other choice.

I really encourage you to research and make sure you know what to do in as many situations that can occur in your car that you can find. While you may, hopefully, never need this information it can also save your life.

While I have only used the spare tire once; I would have been stranded 300+ miles from home without it. While I’ve only needed the jumper cables twice; I would have been stuck in a parking lot for up to 4+ hours while I waited for my brother to get off work. I haven’t need a lot of what I keep and what I have used has been infrequently. However I keep it all because what ifs are a scary thing that I can prepare for.

What would you add to this list of necessities?

Let us know below and Stay Safe Out There


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How the Bullet Journal has Helped My Anxiety

Hey Guys, So you’ve all seen Megan’s post about Time Management. Well, a couple of weeks ago I decided to start a bullet journal. My bullet journal is how I keep up with my to-do list, keep up with what is due daily, and know where it is. I have read so many stories about how much it has helped with: productiveness, organization, anxiety, overall awareness, not overbooking or investing, etc… So I started my journey.

How Bullet Journaling has helped my anxiety

What is a Bullet Journal?

Well, simply put it is a place for everything. A bullet journal is a journal where you put absolutely everything you use in your life. To-do list, Meal plans, Grocery list, Birthdays, Trackers for anything and everything, weekly, monthly, and yearly outlooks, etc…. These are designed to declutter your brain while inherently keeping you organized because you no longer have to ask, where did I write that down. You don’t even have to ask what page it is on because you can keep a running index for each time you add a page to your bullet journal. You can learn more about bullet journals. there set-up, and purpose on the official website.

How I got started.

First, I didn’t buy one of the official bullet journals. I started in an empty half page spiral I had laying around. I wasn’t sure if I would like it so I didn’t want to spend money on it at that point. This was one of those things that I just had to take a plunge on. I had been so intimidated by all these beautiful spreads I would see on Pintreset. One day I found myself frustrated that I couldn’t find that phone number I wrote down a week earlier that I needed in 5 minutes. So, I did a little research and found that most people while they will take some time to doddle and such to make pretty pages in their journals; they do because they find it relaxing not because their pages have to be pretty.  For an overall statement they think of function over beauty.

My layout

This is the layout I have for my journal. You don’t have to follow this layout. I have alter it slightly from the layout on that is presented on the website; you can follow it or mine or do your own. Do what works for you.

How Bullet Journaling helped my Anxiety

My first page is a key. I am known for changing which bullet stands for what so this is a great way to stay on track for me. I’ve included: work, personal, when a task is completed, half completed, moved or canceled, etc… You have to come up with what you need and what helps you.

How Bullet Journaling helped my Anxiety

My to-do spread. Each time I start a new day I put the day and date. I box the date in the color I will use for all the task that I complete that day. Each day on each page has a different color. This way I know when I finish a task even when I look back on it. And then the next page has some daily doodles outlined in the days color.

How Bullet Journaling helped my Anxiety

This is another to-do spread where I put each daily doodle on the same page and out lined it in the days color instead of having a second page.

How Bullet Journaling helped my Anxiety

An example of one of my meal plan spreads. I have some doodles around the page because why not. Then any recipe that I have everything to make already I write in blue. Then any recipe where I need to buy something for the recipe I write in green. Really helps when it comes to writing out a shopping list.

How Bullet Journaling helped my Anxiety

This is a packing list I made for my trip to South Padre Island (My first beach experience!!) I always forget something when I’m packing so about two days before I needed to pack I wrote down EVERYTHING I needed and then the next two days I spent writing out random things that I needed. I didn’t forget anything this trip! YAY! I’ve tried doing this in the past but it always became a pain keeping up with the list. This way I already had the journal for others reason so it was always right there. How convent!

I have many other list: phone numbers, post ideas, picture ideas, date ideas, etc….Best of all, I know right where it is.

What I’ve changed from the original layout to better fit me.

I like the idea of the index; it stressed me out since I wasn’t using one of the official journals I didn’t know how many pages to leave. What if I didn’t leave enough. Oh no! To me the purpose of the journal is to simplify life in ways not overly stress it so, I left it out. The monthly, yearly, and/or weekly outlooks. I keep this in my Google calendar. That’s the system I used in place of a planner all through college and now. It’s on my phone. easy to use, and always right there to enter in anything that isn’t for today only. It works for me. Anytime I need to write something down it goes in the journal. Which makes it’s an ever running to-do list with the occasional list interrupting it. That works for me.

How it has helped

To talk about this I need to talk briefly about my layout and routine.

This system has helped me because of the almost routine I have made with it. I say almost because I don’t use it everyday. I was on vacation last week, so I didn’t use it. These past two days post vacation I haven’t used it because I had work Sunday and Monday became a relax day very quickly for many reasons. So, this doesn’t always happen, but most days it does. If doing your bullet journal becomes an item on your to-do list you’re doing it wrong.

So, before I go to bed (I try to give myself around an hour) I sit down and write out my to-do list for the next day and give that day a color. I consult my Google Calendar to see about any appointments and such that need added to that day. With time that I have left, I will do many a random things. I have a free doodle page where I draw little random things sometimes. I also like to have a doodle a day usually with a small quote that goes with that day. If a doodle is centered around a day I like to outline it in that days color. Other nights I make other list, such as: weekly meal plan, packing, etc… I found that doing this at night my day starts a lot faster.

Why this system and routine is helpful:

Doing the list at night I just have to wake up, make tea, and read what I need to do that day. No thinking required. A lot of my anxiety stems from atelophobia, which is the fear of not being good enough. This has cause my soical anxiety and need for constant assurance that I’m doing okay and I am good enough. It also causes me to feel like if I have down time I have something I am forgetting to do, and basically that I am always forgetting something.

So, having a list that tells me what I need to do and other list that have all the reminders of what to pack, what I bought that for (food wise), blog post ideas, etc… I know that I am okay. Doing the list the night before gives me reassurance going to sleep that tomorrow will be okay. It helps me know that I can or can’t hang out at lunch because I visually see I do or don’t have the time to commit that day. Best relief of all, I don’t have to remember where I wrote that thing do three weeks ago because it is in my bullet journal.

It’s so simply and to a lot of people the ways it has helped me is small. In my life it has been a game changer and I think everyone should try it out. It’s not for everyone, but it’s worth a try. I see ways I want to change my current one. I want to move to a homemade disc bound journal with a dot grid instead of my lined spiral. (wanna learn more about disc binding? Look at this video)

What are some of your favorite things to keep in a journal? (Bullet journal or not)

Let us know below!!


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5 Steps to a More Manageable Home

Hey Everyone! Megan Here!

It’s almost Spring! I’m super excited! Time to break out all the bright decorations, make fresh, fun recipes, and of course…. Spring Cleaning. I’m overwhelmed by how much needs to be cleaned and decluttered. Over the last few months, we have been doing home improvements and repairs. We have stuff everywhere! I’ve been coming up with ways to make life easier and our home more manageable so we are not having to do so much at once.

5 Steps to a More Manageable homeHere are 5 Steps to a More Manageable Home:

1. Mail.

We get sooooo much mail. You know what I do with that mail, I sit it on the table, on the couch, on the kitchen counter. I basically sit it on whatever surface is near me. Eventually, I cave and shred mail for hours. HOURS! So lately as soon as I get the mail, I immediately toss the junk mail and shred any personal documents. I have noticed such a difference, and the mail isn’t doubling as a place mat for our dinner plates.

2. Dishes.

I have discovered that if I unload the dishwasher while cooking dinner, this magical thing happens where I can put the dinner plates, pots, and pans in the dishwasher right after dinner. Typically, after dinner I get side tracked and forget about dishes and don’t want to unload and load the dishwasher. Not having to do that extra step right then makes all the difference.

3. The Closet.

I always find myself overwhelmed by the amount of clothing in my closet. Getting rid of useful things is a problem for me. I have accumulated many clothing items through the years and have hardly gotten rid of anything thinking I’ll need it for something. Seriously, I probably wear less than half of it on a regular basis. I’ve been working to get rid of items that don’t fit, are not repairable, or that I don’t wear. So, to avoid going through this painful process again, if I buy a new item of clothing, I take one out of the closet that I don’t wear to donate or sell.

4. The Fridge.

We keep the oldest leftovers and things that expire first towards the front of the fridge, so I don’t forget about them and have them go to waste. I also don’t have as much to do when I clean out the fridge.

5. Putting things away.

This gem Katy shared with me. Every time she leaves a room, she picks up an out of place item to put away. This is such a great way to keep my home organized.


Share your tips for managing your home with us!


Thanks for reading!



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Time Management

Time management. It’s difficult. Life is so full of things to do, deadlines to meet, obligations to fulfill, and places to be. So how do you make the most of your time and accomplish all your tasks?


This week I had four exams and several assignments due. I wouldn’t have been able to study and complete my assignments without planning my schedule out.

Here is how I manage my time.Time Management


  1. I keep a very detailed planner. Every time I make an appointment, receive a deadline, or have an event I immediately write down these details: what it is, where it is, approximately how long it will take, and any other useful information. This keeps me from forgetting about something and having to make a mad dash to get something done or from completely missing it at all.
  2. I write a to-do list in my planner every morning and constantly edit it to mark off what is done and what I have left. If I need to mail a bill or call someone, it gets done.
  3. I schedule when to work on assignments or study. If I didn’t I would procrastinate and would end up turning in something I wasn’t proud of.

With all of this being said, I don’t plan every minute of my day and I try to leave extra time to de-stress and relax. Organization just helps me to handle life a little better. I don’t stress as much about due assignments or whether I paid the electricity bill. The time I would have spent stressing can now be time to craft, spend time with family, or read a book.

Thanks for reading!



Do you have any other time management tips? Leave us a comment!

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