DIY ChalkboardHey Guys! So, I love chalkboards, but I am not a fan of the price tag that tends to follow them. With my current cork board falling apart I figured it was time to try to make my own DIY chalkboard that could also replace my cork board. It actually turned out really well! So here we go!

MaterialsDIY Chalkboard

  • Cork Board
    • I bought mine pre-framed but you can buy a roll of it and frame it yourself or keep it free. Even do some squares with different paint for a removable grid!
  • Chalkboard paint
    • If you don’t want to buy any you can make your own with this recipe.
  • Foam Sponge Brush
  • Chalk
  • Painters Tape
  • Decorations
    • I used decorative tape but you can use anything you want.


DIY Chalkboard
Tape of your cork board to paint. You can do this in any sizes or shapes. It’s completely up to you!
DIY Chalkboard
Following the instructions on your paint, paint the areas you wish to be the chalkboard. I am doing three areas and leaving one for just a bulletin board.
DIY Chalkboard
Once you have painted the approiate layers and allowed it to dry according to instructions you need to condition your chalkboard. To do this simply run a piece of chalk over the chalkboard, then wipe off with a lightly damp towel.
DIY Chalkboard


DIYChalkboard DIY Chalkboard


DIY Chalkboard
Be cautious of chalk pins. I haven’t had much luck with getting them to clean off.

I really hope you all enjoy this as much as I am!

What decorations would you use? What shapes and sizes would you paint with chalkboard paint?

Let us know below!


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