Hello everyone! Megan here!

I am always looking for ways to customize our home. Our coffee table was looking a little dull and these DIY coasters were perfect for making it a little more fun.

This craft is so simple and affordable. It took me around 10 minutes to make them, plus drying time. It you make them, we would love to see your designs!

What you Need for DIY Coasters

Coasters of your choice, I found mine at Dollar Tree

Scrapbook paper, (I choose to do 2 different prints, but you can make them all the same)

Mod Podge

A paint brush


First, paint the top of the coaster with mod podge. Make sure to get the corners and all edges very well.

DIY Coaster

Next, cut the scrapbook paper to size, place on top of the area you painted and press down. Make sure to press out any bubbles. Paint the scrapbook paper onto the coaster in order to seal it.

DIY Coaster

Let dry overnight.

DIY Coasters

Enjoy your new coasters!

Thanks for reading!


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