DIY Desk Organizer

Hey Guys!

So, I got a lovely Polaroid Camera for Christmas and have been trying to figure out what to do with the photos. Now, I’ve seen all the crafts on Pinterest but I wanted to make it more than just a wall hanging. I live in a smaller space and wanted something that was….practical, I suppose, as you have read in Megan’s Home Management post organization is  a key to managing your home.  So I came up with this DIY Desk Organizer. Best part, I found all the materials at the dollar store! So,here’s how I did it.

Materials:DIY Desk Organizer

  • Scissors
  • Thick Cotton Thread or Rope of your choice
  • Tiny Buckets
  • Wasbi Tape (Or any decorations of your choice for the buckets)
  • Labels (Mine came with the buckets)
  • Other decorations for the ropes (I’m using the Polaroid photos)
  • Hole punch and string (or any other means of attaching your decorations)
    • You can also use hot glue or tiny clothes pin
  • A way to attach it to your wall. (I’m using thumbtacks but you can use hooks, nails, whatever works for you!)


DIY Desk Organizer
I got these plain white buckets and these small rolls of wasabi tape at the dollar store. So I decorate the buckets with the tape.
DIY DeskOrganizer
The white buckets came with these thank you tags and ribbon (Found them in the wedding section)
DIY Desk Organizer
So, I wrote and doodled on the opposite side and tied them to the top of the buckets for labels. You can also attach them to the front of your buckets and make your own labels however you want! Even some chalkboard paint labels maybe.
DIY Desk Organizer
Take your other decorations and prepare them for attaching to your rope. I hole punched my photos to tie up. You can also use the small clothes pins or safety pins. Use your imagination!!
DIY Desk Organizer
Cut your ties. I did a rough lay out of what I wanted to get an estimation of how much rope I needed.
DIY Desk Organizer
I then attached everything in its rough place before hanging it on the wall.
DIY Desk Organizer
TADA! Here it is! Once I hung it up I adjusted the positions and filled the buckets.

That’s It!

So, I can’t wait to use this. You can use it for whatever you want. Not just as a Desk Organizer. You can use it in the kitchen for bag clips and such OR the Laundry room for spare change and other randoms that fall out of pockets on laundry day.

If you try this out in any way let us know! We would love to see photos!

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DIY Desk Organizer
P.S Look at the etched mug in use! 😀 If you want to make your own check out this DIY Etched Glass post.