Hey Guys!! So around here, Spring Break starts this weekend, which sounds like the perfect time to start getting ready for spring and all of it’s bright, wonderful, happy vibes. I’m Excited. So how are we going to make these Tea Towels you ask? Well, we are going to make our own stamps and stamp them.


  • Craft foamDIY Tea Towels
  • Card Board
  • Washed Tea Towels
  • Fabric Paint (I’m using dimensional fabric paint since I have it laying around but you can use what you have or what you can find as long as it is for fabric)



DIY Tea Towels
Take your cardboard and glue two pieces together that is big enough for your stamp design. Having the two layers gives you a little more to grab onto.
DIY Tea Towels
Glue your designs down to the cardboard pieces.
DIY Tea Towels
I like to roughly cut around my designs so I can see where it’s going to stamp better.

Now, brush your fabric paint on to your stamps and stamp your design onto you washed tea towel.

  • If you want to know more about stamping check out This Post.
  • You might want to consider putting something under your towel while stamping. When I stamped the apple with red paint it bled through onto my work surface. I didn’t have this problem with the yellow or green though.
  • While I am applying this to Tea Towels you can apply this method to any fabric you want. Such as: Shirts, Fabric/Canvas shoes, Aprons, etc….
DIY Tea Towels
Wipe of your stamps with a paper towel and you can reuse them another day!!

Let it dry according to your paints directions AND….

DIY Tea Towels
TADA!!! I used a smaller bristle brush because I like the stroke marks. Looks more handmade to me and I like that for this. If you don’t want those brush marks I’ve seen mini paint rollers that would work very well. You could also try large foam brushes.


DIY Tea Towels
If your design has an groves in it, like the lemon shown, make sure you wipe out those every couple of stamps. Otherwise you can get a glob where you don’t want it.
DIY Tea Towels
It might take a few tries, but don’t apply to much paint or your lines are muddled together.
DIY Tea Towels
Reapply paint after each stamp, otherwise the next stamp looks very faded.

The best thing is that you can apply this process for all the seasons! Seasonal Tea Parties and Kitchen decor here I come!

What designs would you stamp on your Tea Towels? If you have pictures we would love to see them!!

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