Hey Everyone! Megan Here.

Today I want to share with you a craft that I am really happy with. I originally designed and created this jar as a decoration for our mermaid theme bathroom. This enchanting jar can be used as decoration for a bathroom, a table centerpiece for a mermaid theme party, or as a way to weigh down napkins and such at your summer BBQ.

What you need

A mason jar



sea shells


hot glue gun



  1. I love to layer ribbons when decorating. I simply used hot glue to attach the two ribbons. Then apply hot glue to the back of the ribbon that is to be applied to the jar. Attach the ribbon to the middle of the jar.

Mermaid Jar

2. Next, fill the jar a little above the ribbon with sand. You can use whatever color sand you want, or layer different colors.

3. Finally, add any additional items. I choose to use pearls and sea shells. You can press the sea shells into the sand to help them stand up a little, so that they are more visible. Put the lid on and your done. Super easy and so adorable!

Mermaid Jar

I hope you enjoy your mermaid jar!


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