Rubber stamping is one of my absolute favorite hobbies. Weather I am scrapbooking or writing a letter for someone, my sister, Megan, perhaps. You can get rubber stamps at most craft stores. Here are just a few of my favorites,

My Favorite Stamps

Now, there are also clear stamps that come in many forms, for them you will need an acrylic block in addition the the stamps you buy. Here is my block and one of the alphabets I have aquired over the years.

Acrylic Stamping Block

Clear stamps for stmaping

Now then, you will also need ink. Most ink that you will find at your local craft store will work just fine. A few things I look for is acid-free and non toxic. Just to be safe. I have found that pigment ink works best for me and the different mediums I use most, and is what I keep in stock for everyday use. When I’m working on any special projects, I will do research on inks to determine the best ink to have for particular mediums.

Ink for stamping

Now we have all the tools. How do we use them? Well,

  1. Cover you chosen stamp in inkCover the stamp evenly in the ink

  2. Just press even.Even pressure for a good stamp

    • If you lift the stamp and find that it isn’t stamped evenly, don’t try to re-stamp it. Just start over. Trust me.

And Tada! You have a beautiful stamp.

Need some ideas for what to do with stamps, check out this post!

To clean the stamps just rub the ink off with a damp paper towel and store rubber side up to extend the life of your stamps!!

Cleaning stamps

Do you stamp? Why do you stamp and what are some of your favorite mediums?

Let us know below!!


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