Why you should write them and How to do it


Using the postal system has started to become a thing of the past with e-mail, texting, Im-ing (although that isn’t use much now either). So why should we use it for something like thank you letters? We have all of these easy quick ways to send a quick thank you for everything. Well sending a thank you letter gives the recipient a nice break from junk mail, bills, etc. It also shows an extra effort; that I have found makes people feel a little extra special.

Here’s how I write a thank you letter.

I have a these lovely blank card from my local craft store, and I start by stamping something meaningful to the person I’m sending the card to.If you’re not sure about stamping check out this post.

Writing a Thank You LetterStamp something meaning full on your thank you letter

Now for the actually writing of the letter.

  1. Start with a greeting. Personally, I use “Hey Insert there Name”. It’s what fits me. Other popular greeting include: dear, greetings, dearest, happy holidays, hello.
  2. Next, say THANK YOU! A single sentence is good for this. You can be a simple as “Thank you for the ________” or “I greatly appreciate __________”.
  3. Then, it’s nice to add how you have enjoyed, or used the gift, weather it was kind words you took to heart or a great kitchen gadget you. Make sure they know how much you enjoy the gift.
  4. Follow this with thoughts of the past and future. Yes this sounds weird. Here’s what I mean. Talk about the past, when they gave you the gift: weather it was a Christmas party, a lunch you had together, run in on the sidewalk. Talk about how good it was to see them. Followed by your hopes to see them again soon, in the future.
  5. Lastly, before you sign off, say thanks again.
  6. Don’t forget to sign!!

And that is all there is to it! You have a thank you card!!

Final thank you letter

How often do you write letters? What events do you send letter for?

Let us know below!


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