When I moved to my new apartment. Life was a little crazy, as moving does to most people. I found myself at: supermarkets, dollar stores, and thrift shops all the time in the first couple of weeks. Now, in one of those dollar stores I stumbled upon these cute little recipe cards.

Why I write out recipe Cards and why you should too!

They were a dollar so why not. Every time I try out a new recipe and find that I enjoy it. I write it out. Why?

Always accessible

I am famous for two things: Super late night snacks and letting my phone die. The biggest thing I have enjoyed about having my recipes written out is I don’t have to worry about whether or not my phone has enough battery to make it through this recipe. My camera roll is no longer overflowing with screen shots of recipes from various websites across the internet. (Which frankly has saved me a lot of storage room on my phone) These little index size cards are always right there. No matter what. (You know, as long as they haven’t caught fire or such).


Easy to organize and find

There are countless ways to organize recipe cards. You can have a binder with page protectors that are sewn to fit the cards. Julie over at Savvy Eats has a great tutorial for making your own recipe binder. You can have a recipe box or just have them in a draw. I have even seen where people hang them with rope and clothe pins; similar to how people hang Polaroid shots for decoration. Any of these makes them clean, tidy, and personalized. That being said it also makes finding recipes super easy since you organized them in your way. Plus, you can put them in a plastic bag and tape them to the cabinet right in front of you so they are out of the way.


Their Timeless

Recipe cards are timeless. I can: scan them into folders on my computer, make copies, and give them a way. The best part, I never have to worry about losing my phone, getting a new phone, or about if something got backed up. (Well as far as recipes go that is) They also have a…comforting…side to me. I remember cooking with my grandmother and she would pull out the box of cards and go through the files. Pulling out our favorite recipes and then we would cook up the deliciousness together. Pulling out my own cards often reminds me of these times.


So go out and get some recipe cards. Write, organize, craft, and have your own misadventures with recipe cards! You can also by ink and rubber stamps at craft stores that are recipe cards such as the ones below, and make your own recipe cards! If you need some ideas on how to get started stamping check out this how-to stamp post.

Why I write out recipe Cards and why you should too!

How do you keep up with all of your recipes? Let us know below!!


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