Guys, Guys, Guys….Guess WHAT! I’m down to a size 10 jeans from a 14!!! I’m so happy and excited. It’s working. So You’ve read Getting Healthier, Getting Fit. I’ve stuck to it.

Getting Healthier, Getting Fit

The Workout:

I’ve changed my workout up recently so that I have three days of grouped muscles (Arms, Leg, Core) and then in-between each I do cardio day. I’ve been doing Zumba for my cardio and absolutely love it, but you should find things that you like to do. I love dancing so Zumba is perfect! On the weekends I simply do yoga to restore my body and give it a break from the rough week. Having something to do everyday has been great for me. Since it something I do everyday I don’t forget to workout nearly as much. When I have done workouts that are three days a week or such, I forget them…..a lot. It’s almost embarrassing how many times I would go to bed and just have it dawn on me…”You didn’t workout today” and then being in bed already, I would rationalize why it was okay. Another thing I’ve done is include it in my to-do list daily in my bullet journal. I consult this list anytime I don’t know what to do. It’s a great reminder.  This isn’t to say that I’ve been perfect these past couple of weeks. I have fallen, forgotten, not wanted to, found myself going without. However, I forgave myself and kept going. I didn’t allow the thoughts that rationalized missing multiple days in a row.

What else have I been doing?

Well, I started counting my calories. For my height, size, and bone, structure I consume 1,500 calories a day. (I am not a professional and these numbers change for every person. We are all unique, just like everyone else. See out disclaimer for more information.) I haven’t consciously changed my eating habits though. Not yet. That’s in a few more weeks. I have noticed that I’m craving healthier foods more and the sugary sweets less. When I first started I went to bed starving because I had a candy bar that day and it was more than half my calories for the day. OPPS. Subconsciously remember that and don’t eat candy bars. However, I will dig into way to many carbs on a daily bases still. (I’ma fix that soon) Counting Calories was simply my next step. Actually changing my diet is next.

One Other Change:

I have made one other change. For New Years I gave up soda and coffee (I put way to much sugar into it) for tea (iced and hot). For ice tea I use 1/4 cup sugar per gallon I make, and I use no sugar in hot tea (occasionally Honey). Well, I’ve taken this a step further. I make sure to consume two cups of Matcha Green Tea a day for a metabolism boost (Plus it helps brain function), One cup of chamomile tea to help with my insomnia, and then I consume one glass of ice tea with dinner. Other than that I drink WATER! This has cut my calories for drinks down to almost nothing. Now, if you’re like me you can’t stand plain water. So, I use water mix in’s that are sweetened with Stevie. No aspartame here please! These are around 5 calories a bottle and I water mine down just a bit so that the water just has a taste on it. It makes the packs last longer and less calories per glass of water. Don’t like the idea of the water mix ins? You can easily flavor your own water, check out  this post on Detox Waters: How and Why and Megan’s Berry Lemon Water.

Overall, I feel great and once I got over a hump of: I don’t see results, I wanna quit, It’s not worth it, It’s been amazing. And I’m down TWO pants sizes!!

I’m doing this for me and it’s great. I stopped worrying about what others thought and went for what I want in my life. I want knees that don’t hurt and the ability to look at myself in the morning and love myself. This is just one thing I’m doing to help my future self out.

What are you doing to help your future self?

Let us know below!!