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So lately, Bartley and I have been trying to get on a stricter budget and save money. Finding things to do on date night can get expensive! Definitely not something we can budget for every weekend. So here is a list of 23 Free or Cheap Date Ideas we have been doing or are planning to do!

23 Free or Cheap Date Ideas

23 Free or Cheap Date Ideas

  1. Make a unique meal together that typically is not in your meal plans.Look for recipes on Pinterest, try out that recipe on Facebook you shared, or watch a cooking show and find something to make! But most importantly make it together!
  2. Plan a movie marathon! Snacks are a must!
  3. Do a puzzle together! This is actually one of our favorites!
  4. Dust off an old board game you haven’t played in a while.
  5. Restore a piece of furniture. We restored a coffee table, and can’t wait to start our next project.
  6. Have a picnic! This can be indoor or outdoor.
  7. Visit a farmer’s market and pick up stuff for a meal.
  8. Go for a hike.
  9. Bake and decorate a cake together.
  10. Visit estate sales, maybe pick up a piece of furniture to restore.
  11. Have a pizza night and make your own pizzas.
  12. Make an ultimate sundae and enjoy while binge watching a TV show.
  13. Visit a local museum.
  14. Volunteer together.
  15. Fly a kite.
  16. Visit a fruit orchard or farm.
  17. Have a romantic dinner at home.
  18. Go see a high school or college play.
  19. Grill food together.
  20. Look through photo albums.
  21. Plant a garden.
  22. Take some time to look at the stars.
  23. Learn or try out hobbies that your spouse likes. I found something new that I now enjoy when I started playing video games with my husband.


I hope you can use some of these ideas when you are planning your next date night!


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