Car Necessities and Why you need them!

Hey Guys, so I’ve been on the road a lot lately. Driving to and from jobs. My drives range from 30 minutes to 3+ hours right now and I’m making a big trip to Utah for the summer soon. These are my car necessities, what gives me peace of mind, and the things for the It’ll never happen things. I’ve also learned what works for me to keep my car clean.

Must Have Car Necessities

Car Necessities and why you need them!

Most cars now come with these but in case you bought yours used you might want to check that you have everything to change your tire should a flat occur. You’ll need

  • a tire iron
  • jack (not pictured)
  • your spare tire (a full size or a donut) (also not pictured)
    • I’m partial to a full size because then I can just keep going I don’t have to immediately panic and find the closest mechanic.

Also pictures here is the eye bolt that you would attach to your car in the appropriate place (mines on the front of the car) to attach your recovery strap (not pictured) to, should you end up needing pulled out of a ditch or some equivalent.

Car Necessities and why you need them!

My car is really great in that it has just the right amount of storage for: tools, jumper cables, and a tiny air compressor as seen here. These three things are absolutes for me.

Jumper cables are great to have. All you need is another car to give you a jump. You don’t have to worry about if they have cables and you can get them for a good price.

The air compressor is really small and takes in air to then pump up the tire. These can also be found for a a reasonable price. They are great as a female because I don’t have to stay on the side of the road, Especially at night. I just have to air up my flat tire; then I can drive to a well lite, well populated area to change my tire. I’m not stuck in the dark on the side of the road alone, can we say SCARY!

Car Necessities and why you need them!

This is the grey tool kit. Really just a basic tool kit from a tool section is great. I mostly just use the ratchet and adjustable wrench, but I have found many of the other tools helpful at random times. such as the mirror on the far bottom left, Very helpful when you drop you replacement bulb into your car…..*sigh*

The Nice to have things

Car Necessities and why you need them!

On top I have

  • general supplies in the sonic drink carrier (see below)
  • a blanket should I get stranded
  • a sunshield (That I should use more often to protect my dash from the harmful sun)
  • a battery powered jump starter that I can then recharge in the car.

The jump starter is so important to me because as a female it honestly scares me to be on the side of the road alone. This way I don’t have to wait for help and run less risk of the dangers that come from having a stranger help me. Once I get my car started I can plug it in and get it recharged while I’m driving plus this one has USB ports so that I can charge my phone should I not be able to use my car battery to do so. With that being said I still keep the jumper cables because this is just a battery and battery’s fail. Better safe than sorry. I prefer using this but I like the peace of mind that comes from having the jumper cables should it not work.

The blanket is a must for the chance that you honestly get stranded. It’ll help you keep warm without using you gas and I’ve also used it to lay on the ground while working on my car in a parking lot to keep me cleaner and away from the grossness.

I also keep bottled water in my car on a per trip base. Depending on how long the drive is will depend on how much I bring with me, but it’s not good to leave bottled water in the car so I don’t store it in my car. For long road trips I also keep one to two gallons of water in my car for the radiator, just in case. Again peace of mind.

Keep it Clean

Car Necessities and why you need them!

These are all the things that I keep in the sonic cup holder.

  • cleaning wipes for the car and the windows
  • along with anti bacterial wipes
  • hand sanitizer
  • fabric freshener
  • a roll of shop towels
  • In the cup I keep
    • pens
    • scissors
    • all the tiny things I find myself needing.

Then it all fits nicely and stay organized in the sonic cup holder.

Keep it clean Routine

Instead of keeping a trash sack in the car I clean out the trash EVERY time I stop for gas. For me this keeps me much cleaner. Instead of saying I can just throw the sack away later I throw all the trash out then and it doesn’t pile up nearly as much. Might just be a me thing. I also wash my windshield every time the gas station has the supplies and there is soap and water in the little bin thing.

Now I’m lucky that the divider in my cup holder comes out and it’s a nice solid rectangle that is super easy to clean. My friend isn’t so lucky. She found that using silicone cupcake liners works great for her and keeps her cup holders fairly clean. Plus they are easy to just rinse off and go. Now I don’t wash my car as often as I should, but I always get out and use the complementary vacuums after I use a drive through car wash.

One of the biggest helps can be your phone should you get stranded. Make sure you have a charging cable that you keep in your car so you can keep your phone charged. Also never leave your stranded vehicle unless you have no other choice.

I really encourage you to research and make sure you know what to do in as many situations that can occur in your car that you can find. While you may, hopefully, never need this information it can also save your life.

While I have only used the spare tire once; I would have been stranded 300+ miles from home without it. While I’ve only needed the jumper cables twice; I would have been stuck in a parking lot for up to 4+ hours while I waited for my brother to get off work. I haven’t need a lot of what I keep and what I have used has been infrequently. However I keep it all because what ifs are a scary thing that I can prepare for.

What would you add to this list of necessities?

Let us know below and Stay Safe Out There


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