The start of this adventure

Wanting a smaller waist

Has anyone else just gotten feed up with the way they feel, see themselves, etc… Megan and I made a decision to be accountability partners and work towards a fitter, healthier life for us. She helps by finding ways to make healthy, wholesome eating easier. While, I looked into workout routines and ways to help us succeed in fitness goals.

The Past Me:

In college, I never made working out a priority. That is not to say that I never tried a routine or tried working out, nothing ever stuck though. I always reassured myself that it wasn’t necessary because I constantly found myself walking, or running, across campus between classes. Also, as a technical theater major I had to take several acting classes, bleak *insert unenthused emoji*. These classes often included workouts at least twice a week. I found that I was often telling myself that work counted as working out; since I was constantly running up and down ladders, stairs, etc. This isn’t my life anymore though.

So why start working out now?

  1. I’ve graduated, and I am looking for a job

    • Aside from general cleaning, cooking, and such I sit in front of my computer working on this blog and applying to various jobs. Since this is the main content of my life I am sitting a lot more than I did in school. Therefore, I need the workout in my life a lot more than I use to.
  1. Tight muscles and Stiff Joints

    • The more I sit the stiffer I get and the more uncomfortable I feel. From trial and error I’ve found that mild yoga and basic work outs such as: squats, lunges, and anything that works my legs helps a lot with these discomfort.
  1. I’m not happy with what I see in mirror.

    • Yeah yeah yeah, I’m “beautiful” and “I don’t need to change”. I’ve heard it. While that all can very well be true, I’m not happy and so I want to change for me. No one else.

The current plan we’re using:

Through this process I’ve done tons of research for what would work for me and my end goals. There is a lot of information out there! There are certain things I knew for sure while I was looking: I want to be able to stay in my Livingroom. I had to find or create routines that worked well for my current fitness level, or lack of I should say. I used these thoughts to help narrow down the information I was looking at.  So through Pinterest I found a four week beginner’s workout schedule. It starts with low reps of a few exercises and slowly increase the number of reps each week. The target with this is to build basic muscle groups, and to just get used to having a new part to my daily routine each day. I’m trying not to make mistakes that I have made in the past when I started a fitness kick. My biggest problem each time I’ve tried this in the past is:

Trying to doing too much at once:

  1. Long Work outs

    • I would try long, intense work outs for quick results and often found myself extremely unhappy every day, and often dreading the work out to come. This defeated the entire reason I was even working out.
  1. I Changed EVERYTHING at the SAME time

    • This probably has been my biggest downfall. I start working out. I Complete change my eating habits. While this is something I need to do I will go from the worst of habits to the healthiest I know, count calories, no sweets, etc….. ALL AT ONCE. This just does not work for me. I find myself overwhelmed with it all after just a few days when the high of doing things for a better me wears off, because yes it wears off.

How am I fixing these issues this time around?

  1. I’ve told several people about it to hold me accountable, and now all of you as well! (Don’t let me quit!)
  2. I’m starting with the smaller workout, getting use to putting it in my day and have my plans to increase all of it slowly through the next couple of months
  3. In a few weeks when I’m used to having the workouts each day I will start counting calories. I’m adding things in slowly instead of trying to do everything all at once.
  4. After that is well established, a week or two, I will start on improving my overall eating habits.
  5. The biggest thing I’m going to try and do is forgive myself and keep going if I mess up one day because no one is perfect and that’s okay.

What are your tips for getting and staying healthy? Comment below!!

So here’s to being happy, healthy, and safe in our goals.

Thanks for reading!!


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